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In the beginning…

The British Military WW2 20CWT Water Trailer was an essential piece of equipment during World War II. 

Design and Purpose

The 20CWT (20 hundredweight) water trailer was designed to transport water to troops in the field. It played a crucial role in providing drinking water, cooking, and hygiene facilities for soldiers.

These trailers were towed behind military vehicles, typically trucks or lorries, and carried a significant amount of water.

Specifications Capacity: 

The trailer could hold approximately 180 gallons (818 liters) of water.

It had a robust steel chassis with two wheels.

Towing Vehicle: The 20CWT water trailer was towed by various military vehicles, including trucks and jeeps.

It served as a mobile water supply point, allowing troops to refill their canteens, wash equipment, and maintain basic hygiene.

Post-War Use:

While the 20CWT water trailer was primarily associated with World War II, some variants continued to be used in the post-war period. Modifications and updates were made to adapt these trailers for different purposes, such as carrying generators or other equipment.

Water Trailer Today

The new and enhanced water trailer, made from Australian steel, is extremely dependable.
Having sold over 1000 units so far, we continuously strive to enhance our design and features. 
Our water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 1000 litres to 3000 litres, providing everyone with the flexibility to handle their specific needs.
Our trailers are not only handy for watering your farms and tending to your animals, but they also come equipped with fire-fighting gear to assist you during emergencies. Given the unpredictable nature of weather patterns, having a portable fire unit readily available can be a life-saving necessity. 
Australian made and made with Australian steel, not only supports the Australian economy but also creates job opportunities for locals.
With registration available the trailers can streamline mobile operations and enhance the functionality of the trailers even further. Prepared for various applications such as mining sites, businesses, farms, and personal use.
Egritech’s water trailer and its capabilities will surely meet your expectations in your time of need.