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Egritech Fire Trailers

Fire Fighting Trailers

from $3,993 inc GST 

The egriTech Fire Fighting Trailer is designed for: 

  • Fire fighting
  • Water dust suppression
  • Watering livestock & agriculture

In the bush, fires can get out of hand because of the lack of water source. We can adequately address this problem with a fire fighting trailer unit. Our fire trailers come in different sizes to accommodate different amounts of water. From as little as 1,000 litres to as much as 2500 litres, these trailers are equipped with the necessary mobility systems for easy transport. Our aim is to build to what you want, basic model is on farm right through to road registerable.

All our fire trailers were made to be attached to utes and other vehicles.  Additionally, the compact design of these units ensures that they are easily deployable for emergency situations and highly adaptable. 


  • Fire fighter 1,000 litre tank
  • Galvanised Australian steel chassis
  • 1350kg axles, running gear
  • Pull-start 6.5hp generic engine
  • Up to 80m head (pumping vertically up)
  • Up to 8m suction (sucking vertically up)
  • Up to 20,000 liters per hour = 333 liters per minute
  • Garden hose connection
  • Firex red fire hose reel
  • 36 metre 19mm hose with brass twist nozzle
  • Single use reconditioned IBC 1000 lt tank
  • New light truck rims and tyres
  • Swivel jockey wheel
  • Stand platform
  • Mudguards
  • Fittings

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Egritech Fire Trailers

Fire Fighting Trailers


  • Electric start (6.5hp motor) 
  • Brakes/Lights
  • Double water storage capacity (2,000 litres)
  • Boom spray of your choice
  • Protective guard rails for tank
  • Handrail for stationary “passenger” use
  • Suction hose for dams etc.
  • Customized

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Egritech Fire Trailers

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