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Water Trailers

from $10,989 inc GST 

The egriTech Water Trailer is designed for: 

  • Fire fighting
  • Construction site dust suppression
  • Construction Machinery Washing & Spraying.
  • Mining sites
  • Water Delivery for remote locations

Our reliable and affordable construction water trailer, is a multipurpose solution for you and your business. 

  • Water Tanks ranging from 1,000 Litres to 3,000 Litres
  • Manufactured to customers’ specifications
  • Built here in Australia for Australian conditions

Not a mining company or construction site, own your property?

  • Fire fighting trailer on hand for backburns
  • Water your property that maybe in the line of fire reducing kindling flames 
  • Watering livestock
  • Suppression on dusty roads
  • Transport water
  • DIY construction ideas
  • Fill your tank from a water source


Egritech Fire Trailers

Fire Fighting Trailers

  •  Fully-drainable, UV stabilized polyethylene tank with 20-year warranty

  • Registerable (Registered in Sth Aust)

  • Firex 36m x 19mm Hose reel with twist type nozzle

  • Pull Start Honda GX160 5.5Hp engine. Davey pump

  • (Up to 39,000 litres/hour, Up to 61m head)

  • 25mm outlet, Fits 25, 19 & 12mm hose for garden/filling)

  • Heavy Duty Chain Connection

  • Baffle system fitted

  • 10m quick suction fill hose kit with holder with Fast Fill Connection

  • Australian Made heavy duty Galvanised/Painted chassis

  • New Ford 5 Stud Wheels

  • LED combination tail lights

  • Heavy Duty 8 eye-eye leaf suspension

  • Pressure bypass hose for pump protection

  • Steel mudguards.

  • ROVER Vehicle Type Approval – Certified & Compliant

  • Hydraulic Override Braked

  • 1500/2000/3000L

  • Electric brakes

  • Toyota 6 Stud 15” wheels



Crafted from Australian steel, these locally made trailers offer cost savings, flexibility, safety, and customization options, making them a valuable investment for businesses in all sectors.

The trailers provide additional fuel storage with convenient and flexible management and storage systems, enabling mobile refueling anywhere. Constructed from premium materials, they ensure durability in Australia’s challenging environments. Safety and stability are enhanced by features like the Ball Baffle System and Heavy-Duty Jockey Wheel.

As we build them from scratch, we can customize them to suit your specific project needs. You have the freedom to choose pump options, size, and even personalize branding.

Even at full capacity, they can be easily towed without the risk of spillage.

Australian Made Trailer, All Australian Galvanised/Painted Steel

  • Tough Australian made poly diesel tank manufactured with diesel-grade poly with 15-year warranty
  • Tank complies with relevant sections of AS1940-2004 & AS2809.2-2008
  • Innovative splash resistant breather system specifically designed for diesel transport
  • 2 inch filler with pad-lockable cap, trainer and safety chain to prevent loss heavy-duty, fully-drainable, UV Stabilised poly tank with 15-year warranty
  • Ball Baffles to greatly improve stability and complies with load restraint guide performance standards
  • Versatile, pump, reel, filter and auto shut off nozzle simplifies diesel fuel transfer
  • Integrated dual 12V pumps deliver up to 45L/min’ Hose reel supplied complete with 15m x 3/4” ID hose, 30 micron filter with replaceable cartridge ensures contaminate free diesel fuel delivery
  • Registerable with LED lights, heavy duty jockey wheel, steel mudguards, hydraulic Brakes, Electric on 1500,2000,3000Litre
  • Recessed LED combination tail lights & license plate light
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Heavy duty chequer plate mudguards
  • ROVER Vehicle Type Approval – Certified & Compliant
  • On Farm (Unbraked) option available


Water Cart Trailer
Egritech Water Trailer