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Custom Built trailer

We all put in the effort at work and look forward to unwinding even more. When we escape, we aim to save money and pack in everything we need to have a blast. 

At Egritech, we specialize in crafting personalized car trailers equipped with all the essentials and more. 

Our workshop operates under the motto “Nothing is impossible,” which has been proving true lately. 

It appears that a car trailer is no longer sufficient without amenities like a shower, toilet, kitchen, fridge, beds, and even solar power to keep the kids’ gadgets running!


Building with Local Expertise for Local Communities

At Egritech, we take great pride in every trailer we create. Each trailer is crafted with the care and attention as if it were our own, ensuring both quality and safety.

Moreover, from the initial stages to completion, we provide regular updates and keep you informed throughout the entire process with photos, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Collaboration within our team ensures that we constantly enhance the quality of our trailers.

When considering your next trailer purchase, reflect on these key points:

  • Can you customize your trailer with special features?
  • Will you be kept informed throughout the build process?
  • Are your inputs welcomed during the creation of your trailer?

At Egritech, we confidently answer ‘yes’ to all these questions!