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Enclosed Motorbike FAQS

How long should my enclosed Motorbike trailer be?

To determine the size of the trailer needed to haul your motorcycle, consider the type and dimensions of your bike. Most motorcycles require 2-2.4 trailers, but measuring your bike is crucial for accuracy. Refer to the owner’s manual, search online, or measure your bike with a tape measure. For added options, discuss your requirements for a suitable trailer size.

Should I get an aluminium or steel enclosed Motorbike trailer?

Steel is less elastic than aluminium, making it better for heavy loads and rough terrain. Aluminium trailers require acid treatment every few years for maintenance, while high-quality steel trailers can last 10-15 years without maintenance.

What’s the smallest enclosed Motorbike trailer you can make?

2.4 metres is the starting size for the Motorbike Trailer

What should I look for in an enclosed Motorbike trailer?

You are looking for a durable, lightweight motorcycle trailer with a polished finish that can handle the highway and your motorcycle securely while providing good road handling.

What is an enclosed motorcycle trailer & how is it used?

An enclosed motorbike trailer, also known as a Toy Hauler, provides ample space for transporting sport vehicles like ATVs and motorbikes.

How long do they last & what materials are used?

An enclosed motorbike trailer will last for years and are low maintenance.

They are Custom built trailers from Galvanized Steel and LCP Comp Panel Skin, with Manual or Electric brakes.

Our trailers are built under the ROVER Scheme Approval VTA-060539 Egritech Pty Ltd.

Custom Built Enclosed Trailer
Functions and features of a Motorbike trailer:
  • Having it all under cover and protected from theft and the elements
  • Being able to take more than one motorbike at a time
  • Having storage available to keep all the motorbike gear in
Sizing options and custom builds

Sizes rang from 2.4 to 7.2metres long this is depending on the clients needs and requirements. We are now custom building trailers that are now offering an off  grid bathroom and kitchen. Our trailers take from start to finish from 6-8 weeks pending suppliers.

Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

So, what is an enclosed trailer?

It’s anything you want it to be, and more. Here at Egritech, we offer a wide variety of enclosed trailers from single axle to tandem axle, to standard to deluxe to commercial.

Our Trailer design team will be more than happy to assist you with any and all of your enclosed trailer needs.

Give us a call at 08 8552 9609 or 0491 743 910 or info@egritech.com.au  to talk to a real person about the type of enclosed trailer you need.