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Egritech offers a range of fire trailers, starting from our Skids to the larger 2000-litre fire trailers. Collaborating closely with our customers, we customize the trailers to suit their specific requirements and situations. Residing in rural areas or on extensive properties increases the risk of fire hazards and requires quick response times. 

Egritech addressed this issue by aiming to create a cost-effective unit that all families could purchase and depend on during such situations. From our 1000lt Skid conveniently placed in any utility vehicle, to mobile units on the farm, and even registered units, we alleviate the concern of fires near your home.

Skid 1000ltWe offer custom-made trailers available in various sizes and tank options to suit your needs. We also offer trailers for commercial use, not just for family homes. If you require a high-pressure solution for on-site work along with a fire unit, our 2000-litre pressure washer trailers are the perfect choice for you.

200lt fire trailer pressure washer

All our fire fighting trailers come with the following

  • Australian Galvanized Steel
  • 1000-2000 litre tanks
  • Your choice of pump, pending on your budget/requirements
  • Firex Fire Reel
  • IBC tank / Our new water trailer tank. 
  • 1350kg axles 
  • Jockey wheel
  • Mudguards
  • New light truck tyres
  • In House registration.

Crafted from Australian steel by locals, our fire units, proudly Australian made, are reliable and trustworthy.

Egritech is approved by ROVER, ensuring that your trailer adheres to the safety and reliability standards outlined in the code of practices.

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