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Tiny Houses on Wheels Facts

SHEDshack Tiny Houses
  • Australian homes are found to be the biggest in the world at an average size of 240 square meters. This requires a lot of natural resources both during the building process and on an ongoing basis.
  • Large homes require lots of space, with large spaces comes an increasing number of trees knocked down and resources used. THOW’s require fewer resources during the building process, save space, and reduce the rate of environmental degradation.
  • Depending on the state in Australia, the current legislation states that you cannot live in your THOW for more than 48hours at a time without council approval for a total of 60 days per year (If someone complains about you living in your THOW longer than the time allowed, the council has the right to tell you to move, even if the land where your THOW is located is yours). ALWAYS check with a private town planner on what is allowed, a Council will always tell you what you cannot do, not what/how you can do.
    • THOW are not considered a “dwelling” according to regulations, and they do not have to abide by the National Construction Code (NCC). This implies that THOW are not covered by consumer protection regulation (which demands that manufacturers be registered and offer a warranty).
    • Tiny homes on wheels are not currently required to be built according to the Building Code of Australia, as they do not classify THOW in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for being a permanent structure.
    • When building THOW in Australia it’s recommended that you follow the Tiny House Construction Guide. This guide provides the minimum requirement for the construction and design of THOW, and Tiny House on Skids to encourage safety and assists in getting approval from local authorities.
    • THOWs are one of the cheapest and most affordable means of housing.
    • THOW are legally classified as “caravans” in Australia and applying for home loans will not apply to THOW because they are not legally classified as “permanent homes” (although you can apply for caravan loans which tend to be much smaller than regular home loans, this means more money in your pocket).
    • THOW also give you the option to go off-grid Australia.
    • You can build your own tiny home on wheels without any qualifications, it’s the ultimate DIY project!
    • Tiny houses, in their current form,  were originally created in the United States, and they gained attention in 2005 when they were used to accommodate Hurricane Katrina Victims.
    • During the financial crisis from 2007 to 2008 people started looking for affordable means of housing, and now tiny homes on wheels have become a rising popular means of housing in Australia especially after the pandemic period.
    • THOW can measure up to a maximum of 2.5m wide, 4.3m high, and up to 12.5m long.
    • The weight of THOW can measure up to 4.5tonne or less (if your THOW is heavier than that you might experience some problems towing it).
    • THOW can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $160,000 (the cost of THOW depends on the size, design, and trailer).
    • Tiny homes on wheels give tiny house owners the freedom to move their tiny house (because they have wheels obviously). Perhaps you have found a new job, or you have been transferred from one location to the other; distance no longer becomes a barrier, THOW gives you the freedom to move closer to your place of work.

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    Tiny Houses are a Great Option

    THOW are a great option for people at every stage of life. They’re affordable both upfront and in the long run, they offer a means of flexibility and diversity in housing, and can also be a beneficiary source of income if you own one and rent it out. 

    There are definitely ups and downs when it comes to purchasing/building a tiny house on wheels but if you want to create a homely space with less time spent cleaning and maintaining, and reduced costs of living,  tiny house living is worth exploring further. 

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