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ECO Solar Power Station

The egriTech ECO Solar Power Station is designed for:

  • on and off-grid 
  • ease of installation
  • easy expansion through modular advance
  • easily transported as it fits inside containers (2 per 20’, 5 x 40’ container)
  • configured -to-order

It is purposefully designed to be simple, practical and can be used as a deliver, plug-and-play.  It can also be hard-wired. It can be expanded in both battery storage, diesel generation or solar input.  

The set-up is based on the simple plug-and-play principle. Within the specially designed framework are inverters, high-performance modules and batteries to ensure the energy supply. 

The new solar systems can be used worldwide by guaranteeing a grid-independent power supply which can be applied to:

  • urban power supply 
  • mines
  • refugee camps
  • building sites, hotels, as well as in agriculture
  • off -grid living 

Configured-to-order starts from $19,500 + GST. 

The egriTech ECO Solar Power Station system on display has:

  • 15kwH of Gel Battery 
  • 6kvA single phase diesel silent generator
  • 2.4kW of solar approx.

The solar can be quickly expanded to 3.6kW by adding to more wings.  Higher quantities can be done by simply adding another modular frame.  The frame is readily lifted and moved by forklift into a container, truck or otherwise.

The system is placed on existing containers and provides energy immediately. The egriTech ECO Solar Power Station system is plug-and-play because everything is pre-installed and wired. With mechanical and hydraulic support, it can be set up by 2 persons within 15 minutes. The system is noiseless and free of harmful substances. 

Amazing pop-up Solar Power Station. Delivers energy anywhere it’s needed!



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