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About egriTech

Egritech was born on innovation.  We thrive on opportunity to manufacture new ideas, to develop systems, be creative.  Not only is it good for our customers it attracts top personnel who are given the opportunity to collaboratively develop ideas, improve our processes and look for innovative solutions.  Disappointments are viewed as learning, improvement as a requirement of involvement.  When you engage us, you engage our whole team.


We have evolved from an idea to improve the animal welfare of poultry producing a truly fully automated Chicken Caravan/Camper and from this we have moved into Tiny Houses also known as ‘Tiny House on Wheels’ (THOW).  In between we have also developed an effective fire trailer which has also evolved into a wide range of uses and sold all over Australia.

Our innovation is based on a collaborative approach with our customers.  This keeps our team interested.  We employ 2 apprentices and 8 other staff.  Our apprentices are the most advanced in their group as they are challenged not only with innovation, but to improve and develop their skills. Our other staff have been drawn from the local area, truly developing an industry in a regional setting.  We prosper as a team as we know acting in the best interests of the group ensures that the group acts in the best interests of the individual.  We may be small but that is what makes us nimble and adaptive. 

Formed in 2019, Egritech rented a small shed in Port Elliott, South Australia.  Its first role was to develop a Chicken Camper.  Not just some run of the mill bland camper for chooks but one that had innovation. It had to be built to a price, it had to be functional, it had to be able to be towed on the road by everyday equipment, they needed to meet animal husbandry requirements, improve the welfare of the hens, protect them from foxes and the like, look good and be better than the Chinese crap on the market.  This we did from conception, design, build audit, adjust, commercialise and then build in numbers.

 All the staff became the designer, the welders, the apprentices, bottle washers, cleaner, visionaries and the purchase managers.   The end result was a camper that housed 450 birds, opened and closed instigated by the sun, and it is still operating to this day.  From this Egritech was contracted to build 30 units.  This included updating design, increasing the size to 650 hens.  

 In late 2019 Egritech built a small watering/fire unit for one of the Directors.  This was Egritech being visionary, design savvy and cost conscious.  The first one was built and promptly sold to an outside client.  The company then received constant orders of the fire trailer, we have improved its capability and uses.  It is used on city construction sites, as a paddock sprayer, a waterer for nurseries, a pumping station and has even (unfortunately) been used in fires.  The feedback has been excellent and little improvements have made it a versatile all year-round unit.  By the way the Director finally got her trailer in 2021!  Egritech now exports these units’ interstate and over 350 of them have been built to the end of 2021.

 In mid-2020 the pandemic changed the game.  Egritech had grown to four employees.  Our main problem was nesting boxes which were imported from Italy.  These are no simple item, they require nesting areas, roll away design so the egg rolls onto a central belt and then that belt is wound to collect the eggs at one end.  It needed to be moveable to be set level on uneven ground, it needed to be dark but airy so the hens had their important privacy.  It is complex by its requirements, Egritech designed, specified, had the steel laser-cut locally, folded the sheets with our own folder into the components, assembled and installed the boxes.  From there we  made improvements as the units were used. 

Egritech now produces a chicken trailer that is fully made in Australia, is better and price competitive with the imported Chinese units sold in Australia. Over 35 have now been built.  From this chassis Egritech has now built its first tiny houses.

Our tiny House was not just simply made up.  Our experience is in developing and advising people in ‘shed-houses’.  This naturally flows into building a durable, practical, low maintenance Tiny House on Wheels. 

Egritech has developed two base designs, they can be off grid, come with air conditioning, can be altered to meet specific designs and can be integrated into a bigger residence.  Our Tiny House base, (Currawong and the Little Kingfisher) can be altered to your requirements.  Think art grotto, office, granny flat, doghouse for the spouse, the ideas and uses are endless.

We have designed this ourselves, we use local suppliers where ever we can, our team is now 10, we are now in bigger sheds in Victor Harbor.  We always look for the improvements, we look for ideas from our customers and we love to be challenged.